Rehub theme has more than 20 post modules. And all of them can be used for output template for search filters.

Here example of custom table. You can create any custom table on page and place inside any custom fields and other data. Tables can be connected to MDTF filters. If you want to show table inside other pages, copy shortcode from table generator

Docs are here

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2 Tron Foundation releases weekly report; TRX enjoys a 4.64% hike
3 Crypto Porfolio Managment App Blockfolio Raises $11.5 Million
4 U.S. Digital Signing Giant DocuSign Integrates Ethereum For Smart Contract Signature Verification
5 XRP ‘puzzler’ offers 137.036 XRP as a reward for solving his new enigma
6 Startup Bringing Blockchain Privacy to Central Banks Wins $15 Million Funding
7 Bitcoin Price Spikes But Bull Reversal Is Still $1K Away
8 Bitcoin Breaks Downtrend by Surging 10% to $6,700, is the Tether Sell-off a Factor?
9 Spacebit brings EOS blockchain to the final frontier
10 Total Ban on Crypto Exchanges Unnecessary: Hong Kong Regulator
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